Astrophotography Editing Tutorial In Photoshop

With this deep sky astrophotography editing tutorial I’m going to run you through the bread and butter tools you’ll need to make wonderful pictures of space.

Get The File:

With this image, we’ll process NGC 7000, the North America Nebula together. I chose this image for a couple reasons. One being that it’s a nice bright nebula with a lot of details and faint areas. Another is that there are no super bright stars in the frame that would make processing that much harder.

With this tutorial you’re going to learn:
– Level Adjustments
– Curves Adjustments
– Threshold Adjustment Layers
– Colour Range Selections
– Localised Adjustments
– Adjustment Layers
– Clipping Masks
– Star Reduction & Removal
– Selective Contrast Enhancement..

Sounds like a lot – but before it seems intimidating the best part is you’re not even going to notice that you’re learning these skills.

So get the data, get your editor and join me in processing the North American Nebula together! Be sure to upload to your social medias and to tag me in them, I want to see them!



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